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Department of Agronomy and plant breeding of SBUK with 31 years antiquity is the oldest agricultural education department in South-East of Iran. This Dep. has 12 members of scientific board with different proficiencies, who are training postgraduate students. This Department with collaboration with Graduate University of Advanced Technology (GUAT) have achieved a unique potential for abiotic stress research on crops. Also there is a tight collaboration with Shiraz University and Agricultural Biotechnology Research  Institute of Iran (ABRII).  Based on the present potential for long-term programs establishment of the center of excellence for environmental stresses in cereal crops was requested on 2010.

Finally on 2011 ministry of sciences, research and technology based on regulations for scientific centers of excellence gave its agreement.
Later on, based on the proficiency of the members coherent and targeted program in the field of environmental stresses for four important cereal crops of dried and semi-dried climates including wheat, barley, millet and sorghum was compiled which is being performed.
Southeast region of Iran is a vast area and Kerman is at the center of this area. There are various environmental stresses in this area including drought, salinity, unfavorable temperatures and heavy metal that limit productivity of plants especially cereals. So that Kerman is a nice place to study the mentioned stresses. Additionally, in Iran agricultural products of Kerman has the maximum share in non-oil exports.
This province has on average of 140mm precipitation per year, without uniform distribution. So that, in this province performance of research projects in various aspects is highly required, moreover, the soil is containing high amount of soluble salts, which cause different types of salinity stresses.
Other factors, which threaten crop production are frost, windburn and temperature stress during pollination.
All these factors demonstrate the necessity of consideration of environmental stresses in this province. Another reason for establishment of the center of excellence for environmental stresses in Kerman province is the presence of good laboratory possibilities is SBUK and (GUAT).

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